Disability income


Disability income protection

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 establishes that “where the sickness or injury results in incapacity for work for the seafarer, the ship-owner shall be liable to pay full wages as long as the sick or injured seafarers remain on board or until the seafarers have been repatriated and then to pay wages in whole or in part as prescribed by national laws or regulations or as provided for in collective agreements from the time when the seafarers are repatriated or landed until their recovery or, if earlier, until they are entitled to cash benefits under the legislation of the Member concerned.”
Also “whatever national laws or regulations the ship-owner is liable to pay wages in whole or in part in respect of a seafarer no longer on board for a period which shall not be less than 16 weeks from the day of the injury or the commencement of the sickness.”

CrewSecure provides Disability Insurance plans which meet the MLC 2006 requirements as a minimum. Optionally we provide broader benefits to meet specific clients’ expectations based on their human resources policy. Indeed, Disability Insurance plan is considered by many employers as part of the compensation package which increases employees’ welfare and loyalty.

CrewSecure works with specialised Insurance Companies which allows us to customise solutions for every client.

CrewSecure pay close attention to providing the best administration support and efficient claims management.

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