International savings and retirement plans

Our experience of the marine industry motivates CrewSecure to build offshore saving plans for groups of seafarers with world-class Life Insurers.

CrewSecure advises its customers and assists them in setting up personal international retirement plans which contribute to attract, build loyalty and motivate talented employees.

Seafarers working for the same employer come from a number of nationalities working under contracts from different countries.Then the plans that we select are built to allow seafarers to keep their savings in a unique safe place offshore offering tax efficiency, transparency, flexibility, whatever the course of their professional life.

Of course, we also make sure that the plans offered by our Life Insurance partners secure the members’ retirement savings and the financial efforts of the employer, while allowing a regular valuation of the capital.

To learn more about the International saving plans offered by CrewSecure please call us directly and immediately at +33 (0)9 70 40 50 73 (Paris time) or send us an email at